Corporate Social Responsibility

The goal of our Government’s Vision 2030 – to improve the quality of life of our Nation to the level of our counterparts in the developed world in relation to our social, economic and overall well-being by 2030 – cannot be achieved without the involvement of business as partners to the Vision. We believe that while ethical codes and visions may be advocated to shareholders and stakeholders – it should essentially be about companies moving beyond a base of legal compliance, to actually integrate socially responsible behavior in a transparent way into core values.

Our commitment to the Namibian community at large is evident from our involvement in the Namibian legal fraternity as well as the community we live in - and to bring about positive change. The value we provide our clients is rooted in operating a sustainable law firm underpinned by good corporate governance while taking care of our employees and looking after our communities.

As our practice revolves around our clients, our desire for outstanding service motivates us to get involved in our clients business – and to add value to it. Our vision has motivated us to become involved in initiatives where we can invest in and engage with our clients and the community at large on a social level. This has driven us to establish and facilitate the annual Kuiseb Run Mountain Bike social cycling event in November. We realized that many of our clients participate in the sport of cycling, and we wanted to engage with them. The Kuiseb Run starts just outside of Windhoek and finishes 96 kilometres further at the Kuiseb Bridge. Besides being a wonderful family event, the ride which takes our riders through the scenic C 26 and D 1982 annually attracts about 400 riders in a festive family environment.

Events like the Kuiseb Run create trust, enhance our brand image, awareness and reputation and also highlight our commitment to the community.

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